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Mozilla Thunderbird, the emailing client stores email data, passwords as well as user preferences into the file with name "profile" and this file gets stored in different location i.e. profile does not get stored at the same place where Thunderbird program files placed. Email files of Thunderbird do not follow any file format as well as subfolders of the application gets saved with .sbd file format. "Local Folder" in the profile is a default folder created by Thunderbird emailing client and folder for respective configured account like Gmail gets stored with name "".

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Do You Want to Find Thunderbird Mail Folder?

When various profiles are settled under a single Thunderbird account then, users face problems to find exact location of Thunderbird folders or to find Thunderbird email files and Thunderbird user thinks how to find emails in Thunderbird? Thunderbird store folder location for configured Thunderbird emails is easy to find out but, those Thunderbird files are orphan cannot easily recognize in a network, domain, or system itself. For different operating systems, Thunderbird email messages storage location are distinct:

But, these locations are only for configured Thunderbird files, to search email profile Thunderbird for orphan files within a network or domain is not easy without using an external solution devised for the same.

Viable Solution for Finding Thunderbird Files

Thunderbird Store Finder of our organization is devised to find Thunderbird email files for different profiles on different systems added on the network or domain as well as thunderbird users can use it to find email location in their personal computer system. Our Thunderbird store files' finder utility is helpful to find email profile, copy emails into selected location as well as it allows to keep the record details into CSV file format including Machine name, file name, file path, and file size. Thunderbird profile folder tool provides two options:

  • Find from Computer
  • Find from Drive

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